Забыли пароль?

The service area of IDC’s subscribers - is the whole territory of Transnistria and bordering regions of neighboring countries.

Constantly evolving, we are expanding our network, providing more and more coverage.
Whole area of IDC’s cellular network can be regarded as a locality where there are no problems paying long-distance negotiation.
This means, for example, that a subscriber of IDC, who lives in Bendery, making calls all over Transnistria, does not pay for them as a long distance.

Coverage maps

Radio coverage map of the CDMA-800 Map of the radio coverage of CDMA-450
EV-DO (CDMA-eight hundred)
EV-DO (CDMA-four hundred fifty)
Radio coverage map of EV-DO CDMA-800 Radio coverage map of EV-DO CDMA-450 width =

Coverage EV-DO (CDMA eight hundred), Tiraspol
Coverage EV-DO (CDMA eight hundred) Bender

Coverage EV-DO (CDMA eight hundred) Rybnitsa